Laser Cut Epoxy

Laser cut epoxy provided in either sheet or roll formats are easily laser converted into any perform shape or profile. MLT laser routed epoxy preforms are laid out to maximize part quantity on most any sheet or roll width.

Our preforms can be turned in 24 hours from an assortment of climate-controlled or frozen, stocked materials. Epoxies that require refrigeration can be shipped in special dry ice packaging.

High Performance Epoxy Manufacturers

- Henkel

- Emerson & Cuming

- Ablestik / Ablefilm

Our lasers are optimized for low cost prototype runs to production volumes with precision, cut quality and consistency. MLT’s laser produced epoxy preforms have no requirement for expensive tooling or dies. This eliminates quality issues contributed to tooling wear and epoxy build up.

Preforms 1 -Adhesive

B-stage Adhesive

CAD or Data Requirements

CAD system integration and custom file converters enable flexible, laser manufacturing from customer-provided data. If needed, MLT will take single part drawings and create optimized sheet layups to maximize your yield. Although most file types are accepted, the preferred file types are Gerber, DXF, or other 2D formats.

For more CAM/CAD guidelines and detailed requirements, click CAD Requirements.

Laser Cut Epoxy / Emerson & Cuming / Henkel - Epoxy Laser Converter