Laser Products

Micron Laser Technology provides is a contract manufacturing services and custom products. With 18,000 sqft of manufacturing floor space housing custom laser machining centers in most available wavelengths, laser manufacturing of products, parts, and assemblies are produced to your specifications.

Most metals, metal alloys, thermoplastics, thermosets, rubbers, silicone, and dielectrics materials can be laser machined with minimal raw material waste, precision, and speed. Certified to ISO9001 and AS9100C quality management systems, you can be confident that your product will be produced to the highest quality standards.

Preforms 1tb -Adhesive Adhesive, Bonding Films, & Tapes

Adhesive, epoxy, bonding film, and tape stock in either sheet or roll format are easily laser converted into any perform shape or profile. Adhesives can be silicone, acrylic, or rubber depending on your application.

Stencils Part 2tb -SS Stencils

MLT stencils can be made from stainless steel or other metals, paper products, or plastic films. Feature sizes can be as small as 25um for similar shadow mask applications..

Rout 15-Part Delrin Die Board2 Flat Die Boards

MLT die boards are made from flat, high-strength thermoset plastics like Acrylic, Lexan, and Derin. Material choices can be unaffected by heat for long lasting die cutting and re-knifing.

Shadow-Masks Shadow-Masks

MLT shadow-masks are a low cost alternative to photolithography when feature sizes are < 10um. Laser fabricated geometries achieve smaller dimensions, sharper edges, and tighter tolerances than chemical etching.

Preforms 5tb -Washers Gaskets & Washers

Custom gaskets and washers are laser fabricated to your specifications with feature sizes as small as 25um. Gaskets and washers can be produced from most metals and plastics.

Kapton Tube 3tb Tubes

Custom machined tubing products are available in many common plastics, thin walled metals, and even medical grade materials.

microvia 1tb Microvias

MLT specializes in microvia laser drilling for printed circuit boards to IPC high density interconnect standards.

Materials 1 Materials

Laser fabricated products can be made from a variety of materials. Laser friendly material sets are listed here.

Preforms 2 Performs

Preforms are made from flat sheet stock of most materials or combination of material sets. Laser fabricated preforms can be of any size and eliminates the need for stamping or tooling/dies.

Cables 1tb Wires and Cables

By adding your unique requirements to commercially available wires and cables, MLT can fabricate your custom wire or cable solutions cost effectively.

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