At MLT, our laser drilling equipment is one of the things that lets us provide the high level of quality and quick turn production that our customers require. Every single piece of equipment in our facility has been either engineered or upgraded by our team of equipment specialists to exceed any OEM equipment on the market.

Micron Laser Technology's equipment include custom infrared and ultraviolet laser systems encompassing 266nm, 355nm, 1064nm, 9.3um, 9.4um, and 10.6um wavelengths. Our systems incorporate automated optical inspection (AOI) and high-resolution encoders and galvos that provide a positional and dimensional accuracy of up to +/- 10um.

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Beam Profiling


As any production manager knows, equipment up-time is critical to a successful manufacturing environment. That is why MLT has a dedicated and highly trained maintenance staff to constantly monitor and keep our equipment working at the peak of efficiency.

Preventative maintenance levels are performed and recorded on a weekly, monthly, and quarter basis to ensure laser processes are repeatable from lot to lot. Equipment downtime in the form of scheduled maintenance or repairs are logged with details of failure modes and corrective measures.

These logs enable our quality personnel to ascertain if previous equipment maintenance, repairs, or failures have contributed to any product non-conformance. This data is held on file and can be retrieved years later should a field failure occur requiring a failure analysis inclusive of equipment maintenance records for any specific lot number.