About Us

What began in a rural barn has grown into one of the largest laser service providers in North America. While employed with Textronix, MLT founder, Sig Jensen, identified laser applications that could advance printed circuit board design and fabrication. In the mid-nineties, Sig secured a mortgage on his residence to purchase his first laser system. This laser was facilitated in his barn in Scappoose, Oregon and is still a production tool today.

His entrepreneurial drive coupled with a fervor for laser technology and material science soon outpaced the barn’s available space as two additional laser systems were placed into production. With pending site visits from major aerospace and defence contractors, Sig purchased our existing 18,000 sq ft facility in Hillsboro, Oregon to make the right impression. Today, this same location contains more than twenty laser tools that provide superior laser services both nationally and internationally.

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Traditional manufacturing limits were exceeded by Sig’s ability to match laser technology with process application. This required innovation. This innovation was made manifest by transforming single-process laser systems into flexible, multi use, multi-process laser tools that improved laser performance and broadened the laser service offerings.

Micron Laser Technology is well-known for its PCB laser services and as experts in laser part manufacturing in both the medical and aerospace industries. We thrive on providing a service or product that advances product design or manufacture. We understand that our customers’ success is directly tied to our own. Our services and product offerings are infused with the founder’s commitment to “service, price, turn-time, and consistency”.