Medical Laser Cutting and Manufacturing

MLT provides laser material processing and contract manufacturing that advances medical device technology and product development for the medical industry. From simple medical grade silicone washers to custom laser manufacturing of implantable, wafer-level medical devices, MLT is your strategic medical manufacturing partner.

Medical prototypes can be fabricated to exacting tolerances. MLT has experience with many medical grade materials including stainless steel, Nitinol, silicone, titanium, clad materials, precious metals, and synthetics like polyester, PTFE, and PFVA to name a few.

Modifications for form, fit, or function are easily produced via on-the-fly laser program changes.

Experienced with products that have been through human trials, FDA 501k approval, and product validation, our laser manufacturing engineers provide solutions to your most complex product requirements.

Sample Applications and Products

  • PVDF Surgical Products
  • Catheter Cutting and Drilling
  • Electronic PCB, PFC, Connectors
  • Pacemakers
  • Silicone-based Tissue Regeneration

Micron Laser’s medical device and product manufacturing capabilities have these key benefits:

  • Decades of experience
  • Shorter lead times than other manufactures
  • Precision laser fabrication of your medical parts
  • Repeatable laser manufacturing process
  • Cost effective validation
  • Reduce contamination processes

Micron Laser Technologies provides complementary value-added services that may include your special packaging and labeling for drop shipments to your end customer.

First article inspection reports, certificate of conformance, sample approval reports (SAR), inspection reports, contamination reports, and samples are provided upon request or as a quality deliverable.

Laser marking a company logo, serialization, or barcodes can be added to any part.

Whether prototypes or volume manufacturing, one of our application engineers are ready to review your design for laser manufacturing and reduce your time to market. To request a quote or discuss application details, contact our sales staff or submit a Request for Quote.

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