Metal Laser Cutting

Our cost-effective laser cutting can cut a huge variety of metals to your exacting tolerances. We specialize in the laser cutting of thin, flat, sheet or roll stock metal. Laser cutting metal is a very precise process that produces custom cut parts.

We can provide quotes for your metal laser cutting project in under 24 hours.

Choosing The Right Metal Laser Cutting Materials

Metal selection is generally based on the quality of the metal and the needs of your design.

Different types of materials have different properties that need to be taken into consideration when forming your design.

Some properties you need to take into consideration when considering which metal would be best for laser cutting:

  • The strength of the metal
  • The metal’s wear resistance or hardness
  • How corrosion resistant does the metal need to be for your design?
  • Formability and machinability.
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous considerations
  • What surface finish will you require? A variety can be accomplished, like: precision ground, unpolished, coated, polished, brushed, bright, or reflective.

Metal Laser Cutting Service For Regulatory & Industry Compliance

If required, material certifications can be provided to document compliance to military (Mil-Spec), food and drug, automotive, and aerospace standards. This includes SAE recognized Ground Vehicle Standards; Aerospace Standards; and Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS).

What Types Of Metal Can We Laser Cut?

Metal Laser Cutting Stainless

Laser Cut Stainless Steel

Metal Laser Cutting Steel

Laser Cut Steel

Metal Laser Cutting Nitinol2 Wire

Laser Cut Nitinol

Metal Laser Cutting Titanium

Laser Cut Titanium

Metal Laser Cutting Molybdenum

Laser Cut Molybdenum