Laser Cut Molybdenum

Cutting metal involves a significant amount of precision – and working with Molybdenum is no different. This silver-gray metal is commonly extracted as a byproduct when mining copper and tungsten. It offers a number of unique properties that can be used in the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries.

In order to laser cut molybdenum, it’s important to understand what it is that you’re working with. Professionals at Micron Laser Technology have been trained to work with this specialized alloy to ensure you have the services needed to work more productively.

Laser Cutting Molybdenum

Difficulties of Cutting Molybdenum

Molybdenum has high machinability, similar to working with medium-hard cast iron. If you’re working with wrought molybdenum, it’s similar to working with stainless steel.

One way that molybdenum is unique is that if you use dull cutting tools, the edges will break out during the machining process.

Additionally, molybdenum tends to be very abrasive. This can make molybdenum laser cutting a challenge because it will cause your tools to wear considerably quicker than if you were working with iron or steel. Knowing this in advance can ensure that you work with a professional as opposed to buying conventional machine shop equipment for your work premises.

Laser cutting includes a number of services including turning, milling, drilling, threading, sawing, grinding, bending, and punching.

Sawing is one way to cut molybdenum. However, laser cutting is the preferred option because it won’t cause the blades to dull. If you do want to saw the alloy, you’ll have to compensate for the kerf end. Additionally, you can choose to use coolant but it isn’t required.

The Benefits of Laser Cut Molybdenum

Any time you’re involved in metal fabrication, it’s critical to consider how you’re going to cut the metal. Laser-cut molybdenum utilizes the latest technology and offers some incredible benefits.

You’ll quickly find that laser cutting is cost-effective and offers you great quality. At Micron Laser Technology, our professionals will work closely with you to learn about the tolerances you need to work within. Additionally, we’re able to make the intricate cuts you won’t be able to get with other cutting methods.

Considering the abrasive nature of molybdenum, we highly recommend laser cutting because it keeps the services affordable. The contactless cutting offers repeatability and speed. So, if you have a significant amount of material that needs to be cut, it won’t be a time-consuming process. Further, since we don’t have to worry about blades dulling constantly, it allows us to maintain a competitive pricing structure for our clients.

We are proud to offer state-of-the-art technology for our molybdenum laser cutting services. There’s a significant amount of automation involved. This is good news for you because it means that it won’t involve a lot of labor. Traditional cutting methods can be a time-consuming process – and the longer something takes, the more you end up paying.

With our short lead times and our competitive pricing, we think you’ll find that we offer a variety of benefits. We have trained staff so that you don’t have to get involved in laser cutting. We’ll be your third-party partner to ensure you have what you need.

The moment you see the quality cuts that come from laser cutting, you’ll never use traditional saws for cutting metal ever again. Our expert technicians will provide the necessary setup based on the thickness of your molybdenum as well as various other factors.

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Laser cutting Molybdenum is not something that you should take on yourself. Not only does it require a significant amount of expertise, but it also requires specialized equipment. At Micron Laser Technology, we are prepared to help you with all of your metal cutting projects, both large and small.

Our custom cutting services have been used by businesses for over two decades. Allow us to be the B2B service that you can depend on for all of your Molybdenum projects. You’ll find that we’re ISO certified and have expertise in a variety of industries from aerospace to medical.

Contact us today to learn more about our processing and cutting services. We’re standing by to answer your questions and provide you with a no-obligation quote. In many instances, we can provide same-day turnaround, ensuring you get your molybdenum cut on your schedule.

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