Laser Cut Steel

One great benefit of laser cutting is that it makes cutting strong and heavy metals look easy, making precise and detailed designs that will work for any project. The industrial lasers at Micron Laser Technology can laser cut steel for your component to very tight tolerances.

Because of this, laser cutting steel is a very efficient method for cutting parts with intricate or complex features for your part or prototype.

There is no fixed tooling needed to cut steel, so your design can be much more flexible, as well as automated to reduce labor costs. This too will shorten production times, ensuring that you get your products faster and for lower costs than using traditional metal cutting methods.

We can accommodate and store your steel onsite for rapid laser cutting turnaround times. We can also provide the steel should you need. 

You can meet all of your laser cutting needs with Micron Laser Technology, call and consult with one of our highly trained professionals today.

Laser Cutting Steel

Why Choose Steel?

Offers good machinability at an economical cost but lacks corrosion resistance.
Carbon steel – an economical choice for machining and structural applications, and it can be surface hardened.
Alloy steel – greater strength and hardness than carbon steel, making it useful for high-stress applications. Heat treating can further enhance strength and hardness.
Tool steel – used to make cutting tools, and it can be heat treated for extreme hardness.

How to Laser Cut Steel 

Because steel is a tough and strong material, many designed need to using CO2 lasers to achieve their desired cut. Steel needs a higher power capacity laser to cut through it while achieving exact cuts. The thicker your sheet of steel, the more power you will need to cut through it, and the cuts you will get will be smooth and precise lines.

Each of our CO2 laser machines are highly rated for safety and performance, and each is operated by highly trained laser cutting professionals at Micron Laser Technology. 

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There is no job that is too small or big for Micron Laser Technology, especially when you are looking at laser cutting steel for your design.

We have a range of laser cutting machines and capacities that can help produce what you need when you need it.

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Engineer Using Laser Cut Steel In His Design

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