Laser Cut Titanium

Laser cutting titanium is precision work, it can be difficult to work with if you are not properly trained with this complex alloy.

Our professionals at Micron Laser Technology are trained to work with this tough metal to give you the smoothest lines with minimal tolerance levels for the most complex or the simplest projects that you may have.

Titanium is a very popular metal that many industries rely on for a durable metal to use in critical components. 

It is very durable and resistant to corrosion when exposed to the elements. Additionally, not only is it super strong, but it is also incredibly light. It can be up to 40 percent lighter than traditional steels and just as strong. Because of this, while it is incredibly useful, it is also more expensive than traditional steel or stainless steel.

Laser Cut Titanium

Is Titanium Difficult to Laser Cut?

Titanium is a very reactive metal. It is sensitive to heat and must be cut at relatively low temperatures for the best results. That way, you will prevent warping, discoloration, and contamination with your titanium that could cause blemishes.

Laser cutting is one of the top ways that you can get the smooth lines and complex cuts you need for your projects. We will use a CO2 laser with either nitrogen or oxygen to get the best finish on your titanium.

Our professionals are well trained to recognize that titanium can melt at certain levels and will routinely monitor and adjust to ensure there are no burns and blemishes on your cut titanium sheets.

Why Use Laser Cut Titanium?

Laser Cut Titanium is strong like steel but lighter. It has a high melting point, so it is very durable to normal wear and tear, as well as has natural corrosion resistance and is non-toxic. Titanium is flexible. It almost has twice the elasticity of steel, with much less weight. It is often used for machine parts because of its hyper-charged performance.

Once the proper cutting process has been identified, this can then be automated using CNC or other types of laser cutting machines. This will give you the fastest, most accurate results with the highest quality, saving you time and money in the long run. Even though the cutting is automated, it is still overseen by one of our highly trained professionals to ensure your work is only the highest of quality.

Engineer Using Laser Cut Titanium In A Cad Designed Prototype

Start Work on Your Laser Cut Titanium Today

Micron Laser Technology’s professionals are ready to work on your laser-cut titanium projects. If you have any questions about what type of titanium is right for you, how to set up your project and any minimum quantities, simply call one of our trusted customer service professionals for a quote.

A highly trained team is on hand to answer all questions and concerns you may have about your laser-cut titanium needs and more. We promise high quality, fast, and competitively priced last cuts on all your sheet metal needs and can design a solution that works for your project and your budget.

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